In the past few years, the Autauga-Prattville Public Library has begun stocking the shelves with books intended to confuse the children of our community about sexuality and expose them to material that is inappropriate for them.

We believe it is the job of parents to determine when and how their children are exposed to sexual topics.

Our movement is dedicated to safeguarding the well-being and innocence of our children by advocating for a safe and enriching environment in the children’s section of our public libraries. We strive to uphold the values of our community and protect taxpayer funds while promoting age-appropriate materials.

Our threefold mission is the following:

  1. Removal of Pornographic, Obscene, and Indecent Books: We request the immediate removal of pornographic, obscene, and indecent books from sections of the library that are designated for minors. We assert our rights as taxpayers and emphasize that any book containing these elements and marketed to minors should not be funded by public resources. Individuals interested in such materials may acquire them using personal funds.
  2. Redefining Library Policies: We advocate for severing all ties with the hard left American Library Association. We want the Board of Trustees to adopt a new collection development policy that is not dependent on the ALA. Our goal is to ensure that all materials in the children’s section are family-friendly and age-appropriate, which the ALA does not support.
  3. Change in Leadership: We believe that any library staff or board member who continues to follow the ALA’s recommendations even when the ALA has violated our trust needs to be removed and replaced by individuals who prioritize the well-being and innocence of children. No adult who jeopardizes the innocence of children should be permitted to work around them or within our library.

Moving forward, we are committed to collaborating closely with the Board of Supervisors, library administrators, and all concerned stakeholders to achieve our objectives. Together, we will continue to advocate for a children’s section that reflects the values and aspirations of our community, providing a safe and enriching haven for our children to learn and explore.