Sign the Petition to Protect Prattville’s Children

The Autauga Prattville Public Library is giving children access to pornographic books and books designed to teach them radical gender ideology.

We are counting on you to step up and help us protect the innocence of the next generation.

So please sign the petition to Protect Prattville’s Children today!

To the Prattville City Council and the Autauga County Commission: 

WHEREAS, the Autauga-Prattville Public Library has violated the public’s trust by exposing our children to sexually explicit books as well as books regarding age-inappropriate ideologies without parental consent; and 

WHEREAS, the highly impressionable minds of children must be protected and diligently shaped by their parents or guardians; and 

WHEREAS, exposing children to materials regarding sex, sexuality, gender identity, and other similar subjects is mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically harmful to children; and

WHEREAS, no taxpayer funded entity should permit children to access such obscene and divisive materials without parental consent. 

THEREFORE, as a concerned citizen of Prattville, I urge you as my elected official to take immediate action to protect our children from sexually explicit material and from radical ideologies by adopting an ordinance ensuring this violation of public trust never happens again and by taking appropriate disciplinary action for those who have participated in exposing children to these things.