Kingdom of Ash
by Sarah J Mass

Publisher-Recommended Age: 17 years and up
Library section: Young Adult Fiction (13 years and up)

“Kingdom of Ash” is the seventh and final book in the “Throne of Glass” series by Sarah J. Maas. The series is like a Game of Thrones, but marketed to children/teenagers. In that vein there are numerous graphic sex scenes, one of which is excerpted below:

P 472 (graphic sex scene):
With a growl, Rowan swept her into his arms, never tearing his mouth from hers as he carried her to the bed and set her down gently. Off came their boots, their jackets and shirts and pants. And then he was with her, the strength and heat of him pouring into her bare skin.
        She couldn’t touch him fast enough, feel enough of him against her. Even when his mouth roved down her neck, licking over that spot where his claiming marks had been. Even when he roamed farther, worshipping her breasts as she arched up into each lick and suckle. Even when he knelt between her legs, his shoulders spreading her thighs wide, and tasted her, over and over, until she was writhing beneath him.
        But something primal in her went quiet and still as Rowan rose over her again, and their eyes locked.
        “You’re my mate,” he said, the words near-guttural. He nudged at her entrance, and she shifted her hips to draw him in, but he remained where he was.
        Withholding what she ached for until he heard what he needed.
        …Aelin tipped back her head, baring her neck to him. “You’re my mate.” Her words were a breathless rush. “And I am yours.”
        Rowan thrust into her in a mighty stroke as he plunged his teeth into the side of her neck. She cried out at the claiming, release already barreling along her spine, but he began moving. Moving, while his teeth remained in her, and she moaned with each drive of his hips, the sheer size of him a decadence she would never be able to get enough of. She dragged her nails down his muscled back, then lower, feeling every powerful stroke of him into her.
        Rowan withdrew his teeth from her neck, and Aelin claimed his mouth in a savage kiss, her blood a coppery tang on his tongue. He went wild at that, hoisting her hips to angle himself deeper, harder. The world might have been burning around them for all she cared, all he cared, too.
        “Together, Aelin,” he promised, and she heard the rest of the words in every place their bodies joined. Together they would face this, together they would find a way.
        Release crested within her once more, a shimmering brightness.
        And just when it broke, Aelin sank her teeth into Rowan’s neck, claiming him as he’d claimed her.
        His blood, powerful and wind-kissed, filled her mouth, her soul, and Rowan roared as release shattered through him, too.
        For long minutes, they lay tangled in each other.”