Camp: by LC Rosen



Publisher-Recommended Age: 14 years and up
Library section: Young Adult Fiction (13 years and up)

-pg 338: “He puts his hand on my chest, then runs it down my stomach, and then he pauses, waiting for me to say something. I don’t, and his hands go farther down in my sleeping bag. I gasp as he starts stroking me. I’m already hard – I have been since the moment I heard him take off his shorts.

‘This is okay?’ he whispers. I nod and kiss him again, then stop to frantically blow on my nails. ‘Relax,’ he says. ‘They’ll dry.’ He unzips my sleeping bag and starts kissing down my neck onto my stomach until his mouth finds what it’s looking for and…oh.

First blow job. That’s happening now.

I look down and just the sight of Hudson doing what he’s doing is enough to almost make me involuntarily end it prematurely, so I look away. I always thought it would be a bit like what I do in the shower when the cabin is empty, but it’s very different from that. Much better. Should I do something, though? Do I put my hand on his head, or does that mean I want him to go deeper? I don’t want him to do anything he doesn’t want to do, so I carefully lay my hand on his head, like I’m patting a dog. No…this is not how it happens in porn. I grab his hair with both my hands.

‘Ow,’ he says, stopping.


He smiles and goes back to it. I let my hands rest in his hair and try to lie back and just enjoy it. And it feels…amazing is a cheap word for these sensations. I need some new word that makes me arch my back and makes my whole body feel like electricity is shooting through it—like my skeleton can feel things now.

I lose track of time, but also I’m aware of every moment of this. It’s just that moments have no meaning, time wise, until I can feel that I need to stop him or else ask him if he’s a spitter or a swallower.

‘Wait,’ I say, panting. ‘I’m …not yet.’

He lifts his mouth to mine and kisses me. ‘Your nails are probably dry by now,’ he says.

I laugh and touch one of them. Totally dry. I wrap my arms around him and kiss him, my body pushing against his sleeping bag, which I hastily unzip. He smiles and the space between us closes, our bodies knitting together, legs between legs, arms wrapped around bodies, hands running up and down. I pull away, enjoying myself too much.

‘Do you want to?’ He looks down at his own body.

I nod. ‘I’ve never.’ What do I do? I know no teeth. But is it like a lollipop scenario, or more of an ice cream cone?

‘Just do what you think you’d like,’ he says, maybe seeing my panic. Which sounds well and good, but I just experienced it for the first time, so how do I know exactly what I like?

I’m not super sure how to do this, so I just open my mouth as wide as I can and go as far as I can. I must look like a fish. So sexy, Randy. I’m surprised by the taste. I thought it would be dirt-tasting and with an uncomfortable smell, but it tastes and smells like the crook of his neck. I use my tongue and lips and I smile when I hear him moan. I’m doing it, and doing it well enough – my first time giving a blow job. I try a few things, twisting my mouth, using my hands, going as far down as I can, which results in a very unsexy coughing fit that I try to hide and makes us both laugh. He starts giving me instructions, and that makes it easier.

‘Like that. Slower. Don’t press your lips together so hard.’

He runs his hands through my hair and I stop for a minute to take a breath.

‘You all right?’

I nod. ‘Am I doing it right?’

‘Yeah,’ Hudson laughs. ‘You’re a natural.’

What surprises me most is how much I enjoy it. Not just for his sounds of pleasure, but because I want this. You always hear about how hot getting a blow job is, but never hear how hot it is to give one.

‘Okay, okay,’ he says, after not enough time, pulling me back up to him.  We kiss.

‘I want you in me,’ he says. My eyes widen a little. ‘If you want.’

‘Are you sure?’ I ask. ‘I mean, I could…’

He grins. ‘You’re new to this. Let’s start this way. If you want. We don’t have to –’

I nod, cutting him off. ‘Yes,’ I say quickly. I’m not saying no to that. I’m checking every box I can on the virginity score card tonight. Is that a sports metaphor? Maybe I’m still a little Del after all.

He turns back to his bag, letting me admire the perky slopes of his ass, and pulls out several packets of lube and a condom.

‘You’ll have to show me,’ I say.

‘Okay,’ he says. ‘Let’s start with your finger.’

I hold out my hand, and he opens a packet of lube onto his hand and mine, then he reaches behind himself. I test the lube between my hands. It feels…silly. Almost like rubbing Jell-O between my hands. I giggle at it, then look up and see Hudson biting his lower lip, his eyes rolling back as he fingers himself. All thoughts of Jell-O and silliness vanish.

‘Can I see?’ I ask.

He smiles and turns onto his stomach so I can watch him lube everything up and push his own finger into himself. He sighs deeply. Then he pulls it out. ‘You,’ he says, reaching for my lubed hand. Carefully, I push my finger into him. He stops me after a minute, pulling my hand out. ‘More lube,’ he says.

I grab another packet and try to open it, but my hands are already lubed up and it slips out flying up and hitting the roof of the tent, then falling back down. Hudson laughs and picks it up, opening it with his teeth, and then pouring it over my hands. He rolls back over and guides my finger into him, farther than before. When he gasps, I stop.

‘No, it feels good. Keep going. Slowly.’ I keep pushing in and he cranes his neck up so I kiss him on the mouth as I push. ‘Now in and out,’ he gasps. I follow his instructions, moving my finger as he makes noises that make every part of me stand on end. At his instruction, I curl my finger slightly, and the noises grow louder. He grabs my face close to him, kissing me hungrily. ‘Two fingers now.’

I swallow and pull my finger out, and add more lube from one of the open packets before going back in with two fingers. I’m so glad I cut my nails before re-painting them yesterday.

‘Wait,’ he says, and I stop as he takes a deep breath. ‘Okay.’ I push again, slower. When both fingers are nearly in all the way he gasps again, throwing his head down into the built-in pillow of his sleeping bag.

‘Should I stop?’

‘No,’ he says, his voice low and throaty. ‘It feels so good,’ he says half into his pillow. He looks up at me, his face both hungry and looking a little drunk and pulls me in for a kiss again. He rotates slightly, so our bodies are pressing together, my hand wrapped around his waist. ‘I’m ready,’ he says after some more kissing. ‘I want you.’

I nod and he tears the condom open, rolling it down on me, which is much more fun than when I’ve practiced putting on condoms myself, and then he opens two more packets of lube and pours them over it.

‘I’ll start on top,’ he says, ‘if that’s okay?’

‘Anything is okay,’ I say, words not working quite right, so I kiss him. He smiles into the kiss, almost laughing, and then shoves me, so I’m lying on my back, and kneels over me. He slowly lowers himself, grabbing my body and guiding me, easing me into him. At first, the tightness is so intense it almost hurts, and I wonder if I’ve done something wrong, but his breathing turns heavy and he smiles, openmouthed, turning his head to the ceiling.

‘Oh yes,’ he says, and starts moving up and down on me. It feels astounding. Different from the blow job. And much better than by myself in the shower. But even better than how I feel is watching Hudson, hearing the sounds he makes as he moves up and down on top of me.

He leans forward, kissing me, and I grab his ass, squeezing it as our tongues mingle, our bodies combine, then he throws his head back again making more noises as I rock my hips gently up and down. He touches himself, his purple nail polish gleaming in the dim light. I love watching him; it’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

-pg 344: ‘Want to try missionary?’ Hudson asks. His hair is wet again, but now with sweat.

-pg 349: “When the sun goes down, Hudson and I go back to our tent, kissing frantically before we even zip the door closed. You’d think finally having sex would calm me down, but it’s only made me want him more, and I’m down on my knees undoing his fly in less than a minute.

‘Maybe tonight,’ I say, pulling his shorts down and kissing his thighs through his boxer briefs, ‘you can top me?’

He laughs. ‘I’d love to, but not tonight. You’re going to want a real shower before that.’”

-pg 126: “’You really want to get naked with him, don’t you?’ Ashleigh asks.

‘So badly,’ I say.

‘Four years of built-up sexual desire,’ George says. ‘Darling, I’d be impressed If you make it past tomorrow.’

‘Better grab some condoms from Cosmo tonight,’ Ashleigh says, smirking.

‘And lube,’ George says. ‘More than you think you need if you want to do anal. And clean up beforehand. In the shower, you know?’

‘Unless you want to top,’ Ashleigh says. ‘Does he bottom, though?’

‘He made a joke about being vers,’ I say. ‘I don’t know. I’m up for anything.’”

-pg 317: “’George, he has both nights of the canoe trip planned out.  There’s going to be twenty-three minutes of sixty-nineing –’”

-pg 318: “We swim in the river. It’s all VERY dirty. Not in the fun way. Well…the sharing tents without counselors certainly makes it dirty in the fun way, too.”

-pg 130: “I was ready to pull down his shorts right there.  No wonder he always gets laid by the end of the first week. I shake my head. I can’t do that. I can’t just be another conquest. I didn’t give up the show for a lay, no matter how pretty he is. I gave it up for love. And that means no sex. For…at least two weeks? That seems a long time. Maybe ten days. That sounds fair.”